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Dry fruits are not just tasty or good for your health, but also they can be an excellent gifting item in any auspicious occasion.

Wondering if you can order dry fruits in bulk online in India?

Well, guess what – you have landed on the right page. Here, you can purchase dry fruits in bulk and decorate them in the most exquisite way possible.

What Type of Dry Fruits in Bulk You Can Buy from Us?

Bulk Order in Variety of Dry Fruits

At Sheezan’s Organica, we present you with a plethora of varieties of dry fruits that you can hardly find anywhere else. Apart from being exquisitely delicious, these dry fruits are of unmatched quality. Buying them at our discounted price will surely be a great bargain.

Here, you can order premium quality and rare organic dry fruits in bulk. Just take a look at the collection of dry fruits we offer.

But believe me, that’s not all; would you like to try something different and offbeat?

Well, we also offer

  • Dried Mango in bulk
  • Dried Kiwi in bulk
  • Dried Cherry in bulk
  • Dried Apple in bulk
  • Dried Pineapple in bulk
  • Dried Peach in bulk
  • Dried Papaya in bulk
  • Dried Plum in bulk
  • Pistachio in bulk
  • Apricot in bulk
  • Dates in bulk
  • Pecan in bulk
  • Brazilian Nuts in bulk
  • Peanuts in bulk
  • Hazelnuts in bulk
  • Munaka in bulk
  • Pine Nuts in bulk
  • Black Raisins in bulk

Quite an extensive list of deliverables, don’t you think? But you know the best part about all this?

You can order dry fruits in bulk and get lucrative discounts! We know how it is to buy dry fruits online. Most people presume that it will be out of their budget, but not anymore!

We offer jaw-dropping discounts on every single item when you order dry fruits in bulk.

Please note that the minimum quantity for bulk dry fruit orders is 10 kg. If you place an order of up to 30 kg, we will be offering you a whopping 10% discount on the total value.

Similarly, if you place an order between 31 to 50 kg of dry fruits online, you will get a 15% discount, and for dry fruits bulk orders over 50 kg, you get a staggering 20% discount.

Now, what can be better than this for your pocket and, of course, health! Place your dry fruits order in bulk today and use them in any traditional, festive, or corporate event.

Decoration and Packaging of Dry Fruits Orders in Bulk

Believe it or not, but the packaging does matter – at least when it comes to gifting someone something, the present must look fantastic. Buying dry fruits online in bulk is not enough; you need to decorate and package them exquisitely to make them the perfect gifting item.

Wondering what’s the solution?

Well, leave that to Sheezan’s Organica!

We can decorate your ordered bulk dry fruits in the most visually appealing way possible. Be it a traditional event or some corporate function, we will decorate them accordingly.

Do you have a wedding or a Puja coming up? Don’t worry; we will decorate your ordered bulk dry fruits on our specially made “Thalis” to blend in well with the vibe of the occasion.

Similarly, if it’s a corporate event, we have completely hand-made gift boxes that look uber-stylish and eye-pleasing at the same time. Your gift just can’t get any better than this.

Apart from weddings and corporate events, we also offer dry fruits in bulk for other traditional events and festivities.

Poila Boishakh – Order Dry Fruits in Bulk

The first day of the Bengali New Year is one of the most auspicious days to begin any new work. So why not start the year with some delightful dry fruits? Place your bulk dry fruit order today, and we will decorate and package them in our special “thalis”.

Diwali – Order Dry Fruits in Bulk

The festival of light is adored by all. Banish the old and bring in the light of hope in your life this Diwali with some exquisite dry fruits. Our gift boxes are perfect for sending dry fruits and your love to near and dear ones who are staying far but always live close to your heart.

Pongal – Order Dry Fruits in Bulk

Pongal is one of the most significant festivals in South India. Make this day even more special with our wide range of dry fruits, packaged in beautiful boxes and thalis for your near and dear ones.

Eid – Order Dry Fruits in Bulk

Why just say Eid Mubarak empty-handed when you can give a very special “Eidi” with our box of dry fruits? Just let us know your requirement and preference, and we will send you the organic dry fruits in bulk in beautifully decorated boxes.

Who Are Our Dry Fruits Customers

Corporate Companies

We can offer the best quality dry fruits in bulk for any corporate event packaged and decorated in exquisite-looking gift boxes.

Wedding Planners and Event Managers

Wedding gifts have evolved a lot over the years. Gifting your loved ones a beautiful “thali” full of dry fruits can be a great idea. Similarly, you add boxes of dry fruits as snacks in any kind of event you organize. As there’s hardly anyone who would say no to dry fruits!

Individual Buyers

Apart from event managers and organizers, as individual buyers, you can also place your bulk order of dry fruits with us, and we can cater as per your requirements.

So, look no further; buy dry fruits in bulk online from Sheezan’s Organica.